Killer whales hunting for dolphins off of San Clemente

One of the nice things about living in the San Clemente/Dana Point area is the abundance of sea life. From fishing to whale watching, diving and enjoying what the sea has to offer. A couple of weeks ago we had that huge group of dolphins that was filmed heading up the coast. This week we had a coordinated feeding frenzy by a pod of killer whales.

A pod of orcas, thought to be Eastern Tropical Pacific killer whales only seen along the Southern California coast a few times, made a surprise appearance off San Clemente late Monday, July 29.

It was a thrill for whale-watching charters that rushed to get an up-close look at the massive mammals that usually live off Mexico and Costa Rica. Passengers got to witness raw, National Geographic-style hunting as the orcas chased dolphins across the sea, similar to what a pod did off the Orange County and San Diego coastline in September